About the Qualification

Background to the qualification

The Certificate in Knowledge of Policing (CKP) is now being implemented by a number of UK Police Forces, including The Metropolitan Police Service, as a qualification that any person applying to become a retained Police Officer must have prior to application.
Achievement of the Certificate in Knowledge in Policing (CKP) will help prepare those seeking recruitment to the Police Service as a Police Constable in England or Wales. The qualification is also relevant to other related roles within the Criminal Justice Sector.

The certificate is an important element of the Professional Entry into Policing Pre-Join Strategy, and accredits the knowledge and understanding which also forms part of the Diploma in Policing qualification. The Diploma in Policing is the minimum mandatory qualification which Regular Police Constables are required to achieve to be confirmed in rank and forms part of the Initial Police Learning and Development Programme (IPLDP).  All those who achieve the Certificate in Knowledge of Policing through a provider approved by the College of Policing will be able to submit this as evidence of the knowledge component of the Diploma.  All awarding organisations offering the Diploma in Policing recognise and accept the relationship between the CKP and Diploma in Policing.

Successful achievement of the Certificate in Knowledge of Policing does not in itself provide any guarantee of recruitment as a trainee Police Constable.  Each police force within England and Wales sets out its own recruitment process and selection policy and entry requirements vary from force to force.  Prospective students are therefore strongly advised to check the specific requirements of their chosen force prior to undertaking study.

It should be noted that all candidates need to pass medical and fitness tests as well as background and security checks and undertake a series of assessments, tests and an interview at a Police SEARCH® assessment centre.

CKP is a Level 3 qualification designed and developed by The College of Policing (previously National Policing Improvement Agency). In order to ensure that external providers deliver a comprehensive, robust and consistent CKP programme The College of Policing have introduced an Approved Provider Scheme (http://www.college.police.uk/en/5248.htm.) In order to become an Approved Provider delivery organisations must be able to demonstrate, by way of a rigorous approval process, that high levels of quality in the delivery and monitoring of the programme are in place and maintained. This scheme allows UK forces to have much more confidence in the standard of programmes delivered by external, approved, providers.

Advanced Policing Solutions were one of the first organisations in the UK to be approved by The College of Policing to deliver this programme.

The qualification is made up of 10 modules, each of which will be subject to formal assessment. The award will be accredited only when all 10 modules have been successfully completed.  In addition to the 80 hours of classroom delivered learning you will need to commit at least 220 to 300 hours of self-study in order to ensure that all learning is fully consolidated.

While the CKP is an essential qualification for anyone wishing to join The Metropolitan Police Service, and a growing number of other UK forces, completion of the qualification itself will in no way guarantee that candidates are invited to interview with their chosen force. Candidates should also be aware of the eligibility criteria for the police force that they wish to apply to.  Candidates are advised to check the eligibility and entry requirements of the force they wish to join prior to starting a CKP course.

Further information for candidates is available from The College of Policing