Brave Policeman Shows How a Certificate in Knowledge of Policing Helps

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Every year, there are thousands of reported criminal offences, ranging from murder to domestic violence, and if you’re one of those who wish to become part of the police force, you can get started by accomplishing a Certificate in Knowledge of Policing (CKP). A recent incident in the London suburbs might just prove the need for more brave officers, as written on London’s iTV news report:

A police officer, who confronted a man wielding a samurai sword, has been recognised for his bravery at a special awards ceremony recognising the work of the Metropolitan Police.

Sergeant Steve Brown, who works in Islington, received the Outstanding Bravery of the Year Award, for tackling a man who had just stabbed an innocent member of the public.

A Metropolitan Police Spokesman said:

“His selfless act of bravery is typical of police officers across London who put themselves in danger to protect the public. […]”

However great the news is, one still cannot discount the fact that if Officer Brown wasn’t around at the time of the incident, the madman would’ve gotten away with his deed. Due to the importance of having skilled officers patrolling the streets, England’s police departments are pushing for strengthened implementation of CKP programs that allow for the professionalisation of the police service and maintenance of the force’s standards.

Brave Policeman Shows How a Certificate in Knowledge of Policing Helps

A CKP course is a critical element of the Pre-Join Strategy into professional policing, as the course aims to provide citizens with a basic overview of the workings of law enforcement, and provide them with a preparatory certificate in policing knowledge prior to actually joining the force (if they are qualified, able, and willing).

Civilians who have met the requirements for the certificate will be able to submit it as evidence of the knowledge component of their Diploma in Policing, provided that the training provider is recognized by the College of Policing. While pre-join training is a good start, it doesn’t ensure a smooth passage into the actual police force – the same old strict screening process is still required for concerns of dedication and true professionalism.

Accredited institutions like Outsource Training offer training courses for a Certificate in the Knowledge of Policing (CKP). If you are interested in learning the inner workings of law enforcement and possibly joining the police force in the future, begin your journey by getting a CKP.

(Source: Award for Policeman Who Confronted Sword-Wielding Attacker, iTV, January 22, 2014)