The CKP: What Volunteers Need to Become Certified Police Officers

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According to Crime Survey, the crime rate in England and Wales has dropped by around seven percent as of June 2013. This was primarily an achievement of the police forces serving the UK, including the Police Constabulary and the City of London Police. However, police might not have contained more crimes were it not for the help of police volunteers and special constables serving throughout the country.

The CKP: What Volunteers Need to Become Certified Police Officers

An article for reveals how the Home Office recognises the role of volunteers in the reduction of fatal crashes and criminal acts in English cities and neighbourhoods. Their services, in particular, reinforce the Home Office’s campaign to help police forces fight crime more efficiently. The figures are expected to rise in the coming years as more citizens volunteer and qualify as registered constables.

“Home Secretary Theresa May said:

Special Constables and police volunteers make a huge contribution to local policing sharing their time, talent and skills for the benefit of their community.

Everyone has a role to play in keeping our neighbourhoods safe. Crime has fallen by more than 10% under this government and the ingenuity and sheer hard work of the police and local residents, such as those receiving awards today, will help us continue that downward trend.”

British citizens who have decided to serve as special constables can consider taking their service to the next level by entering the Metropolitan Police. Being a licensed police constable offers a great deal of advantages, including being able to use more resources to extend help and protection to the citizens of London. To obtain a position in the Metropolitan Police, several requirements must first be met—chief among them a valid Certificate in Knowledge of Policing (CKP).

Before one can obtain a CKP, an aspiring police officer must first undergo a training and assessment course provided by trusted College of Policing approved providers such as Police Knowledge. The course lasts for about 300 hours and is a mixture of classroom and self-study.

All College of Policing approved providers conduct an assessment test, which trainees should pass to obtain certification. The test varies between each provider, although the level of difficulty is consistent to meet the required knowledge and skills proper to members of the police force.

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