Frequently asked questions

Q. Will this qualification ensure that I am offered an interview with the Police Force of my choice?

A. No. There is no guarantee that completion of this course will automatically get you to interview stage.  There are a number of factors that affect the Police selection process.   Candidates should be aware of the Police eligibility criteria.  You should check with the force that you intend to apply to in order to ensure you meet the criteria.  You can view the Metropolitan Police Service eligibility criteria here.  Even if you have achieved the CKP qualification and meet the eligibility criteria there is still no guarantee that you will be invited to interview

Q. I cannot fit the scheduled course dates around my current shift patterns or commitments.  Is there some flexibility on dates and delivery methods?

A. Yes.  In order to make our programmes as flexible as possible you can join a scheduled course or build your own course around the dates that suit you.  For details on this please see our Delivery Options page.

Q. What happens if I fail one of the modules?

A. If you fail one of the options you will be given additional support on a one to one basis to improve your knowledge in order to re-sit that module.  We are committed to ensuring that we give you all of the support and knowledge required to pass the qualification however, we are equally committed to ensuring that our programme turns out well equipped, knowledgeable Police Officers of the future.  On this basis candidates will only be allowed two resits per module?

Q. What happens if I fail the module more than three times?

A. Prior to your resits we will work with you on a one to one basis to ensure that you have all the knowledge required to pass and help you with areas that you need to improve on.  However, if you fail the module three times you probably are not right for a job in the Police and you will not achieve the qualification, albeit you are welcome to complete the course.  We are unable to refund your course fees in these circumstances but we can help you to find a career, with training, that is more suited to your skills. You can find more information on these services on our main site www.outsourcetraining.org

Q. What happens if I miss a classroom session?  Can I pick this up elsewhere?

A. Yes.  Your trainer will ensure that you pick up the missed session at a future date.  You may also be able to join the session via web meeting if you are unable to get to the training venue.  If you engage via web meeting you will be expected to attend our offices to sit the module assessment on another date.  Your trainer will arrange this with you.

Q. What is the pass mark for each module?

A. Candidates will need to achieve 75% in order to pass the modules.  This is a requirement of our awarding body, City and Guilds.  As we are committed to quality and ensuring that the Police Force of the future are highly skilled and knowledgeable we believe that this is an appropriate pass level for this programme

Q. How many people so far have failed the programme?

A. None. Some people have left the course without completing all of the modules but, for the remainder, all have achieved the qualification. This is not a reflection on the difficulty or rigor required to pass the course, instead it accurately reflects the quality of the trainers that we use and the comprehensive support that we give to our candidates.  Our induction sessions will detail all of the work required to pass the course and our trainers will run some diagnostics with you to ensure that you have the skills needed to pass.   If we identify any skills that need improving at the induction day, particularly Maths and English skills, we will invite you onto one of our courses to improve those skills.  These courses will be delivered at no additional cost to you

Q. Some other providers allow candidates to complete the assessments at home under an open book policy.  Why don’t you?

A. It is a requirement of our awarding Body, City and Guilds, that assessments are undertaken in exam conditions.  Equally, we are committed to quality and ensuring that you fully learn and understand what has been taught.  It may seem easier to complete assessments at home but remember, you will not have your textbooks with you at interview!

Q. How long does the course take?

A. People progress at different rates.  That is why we have scheduled and build your own courses.  A Special Constable may have much of the knowledge being delivered already while a “civilian” probably won’t.   The minimum duration for a course is 10 weeks (albeit we sometimes run 8 week intensive courses) but you can take longer to complete if required by using the “build your own option” in the booking module.  The overall length of the course can not be shortened.  Either way you will be expected to complete 80 guided leaning hours (classroom) and a further 220 – 300 hours of self-study over the programme.

Q. How can I pay for the course?

A. There are a number of ways that you can pay for the course.  In some circumstances, and subject to availability, we can provide Government funding to cover the cost of your course.  Alternatively you may qualify for a 24+ Advanced Learning Loan through the Student Loans Company, again, subject to availability.  We hold a loans budget and our booking page will guide you through this process.  If you do not qualify for Government funding or a loan or don’t want to apply for a loan you can pay through our booking page by Debit or Credit card.  Course fees must be paid in full prior to the commencement of the course but, up to the course start date, you can make partial payments under the “your account” section

Q. How do I know you will deliver what you say you will?

A. As an organisation which is funded in part by the Government to increase the skills base in the UK Outsource Group are subject to many layers of oversight that measure and report on the quality of our provision.  We are a grade 2 (Good) provider and matrix accredited.  If you want to see a course being delivered prior to committing you are welcome to sit in on a session.  If you would like to do this please call our contact centre on 08455 199 455 or email police.knowledge@outsourcetraining.org

Q. How many people are on each course?

A. No more than 16.  This ensures that each candidate gets good one to one support and the attention they require