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Course booking terms and conditions

Certificate in Knowledge of Policing

  1. General

    1. The course is designed to help candidates achieve the Certificate in Knowledge of Policing qualification that is required prior to an application to become a Police Officer is submitted to the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) and a range of other United Kingdom police and security organisations

    2. The course consists of ten compulsory modules that will be delivered in a combination of self study, e-learning and tutor led workshops. Candidates will be required to devote a significant amount of their own study time towards the achievement of the course

    3. The workshops will be delivered over ten days from the commencement date (as detailed overleaf on the invoice).  Scheduled courses will be spread over a period of around three months.  Build Your Own courses should not be undertaken over a period of less than two months due to the high levels of self-study required

    4. All examinations and assignments will be assessed by our tutors and verified externally by approved awarding bodies prior to the award of the qualification

    5. Outsource Training and Development Ltd will use their best endeavours to ensure that candidates are properly equipped to pass the relevant modules but will give no warranty whatsoever to candidates that they will achieve the qualification

    6. Achievement of the qualification does not in any way guarantee that the candidate will be offered an interview/employment with MPS or any other agency that uses the qualification as a pre-join requirement.  Outsource Training and Development Ltd will not accept any liability for candidates not being offered an interview and/or employment

    7. If your fee as detailed on your invoice includes access to the College of Policing resource centre you acknowledge that this resource centre is out of the control of Outsource Training and Development Ltd and we accept no liability whatsoever for the content of the resource centre or continuity of access to those resources

    8. We reserve the right to alter the dates or locations of the workshops being delivered.  In these circumstances additional dates and locations (within the M25) will be provided.  If you are unable to attend any of the new dates or locations we will offer you one to one tutor support in order to complete your qualification (up to the total amount of workshop time remaining on your programme) but will not refund any course fees

  1. Attendance and Conduct  

    1. Candidates are not required to attend all of the workshops in order to achieve the qualification.   Failure to attend workshops will however significantly reduce a candidate’s ability to achieve the qualification.  Outsource Training and Development Ltd are under no obligation to offer candidates alternative workshop dates where workshops have been missed (although every attempt will be made to offer a suitable alternative where available) or refund any payments to candidates for workshops that are not attended

    2. Candidates should arrive at the delivery location (as stated on the invoice) 15 minutes prior to the commencement time of each workshop in order to avoid disruption to other candidates on the course

    3. No instances of disruptive, anti-social or abusive behaviour will be tolerated either in the workshops, in or around our premises or during one to one sessions with our tutors. Such behaviour could include disrupting workshops in any way, abusive language, racial or sexual abuse, damage to premises or property.  This list is not exhaustive and any such behaviour will be determined by the tutor at the time of the incident

    4. If a candidate is abusive or disruptive at any stage of the programme the tutor reserves the right to exclude that candidate from the session.  Any second instances of such behaviour will result in Outsource Training and Development Ltd cancelling the candidate’s enrolment on the course.  In these circumstances the candidate will have no right to any refund of fees

  1. Payment and refunds

    1. Payment for the course should be made in full prior to the commencement of the training

    2. Payment is made only for the services detailed on the invoice overleaf.  Additional charges, as detailed on the invoice overleaf, will be made if additional workshops are required by candidates, for module re-sits or one to one tutor support beyond the levels of support detailed on the invoice as being included in the fee

    3. Full refunds will only be made if Outsource Training and Development are unable to commence delivery of the course at the agreed commencement date (overleaf)  and are unable to offer a suitable and convenient alternative date

  1. Cancellation

    1. If Outsource Training and Development Ltd cancel the course and are unable to offer an alternative and acceptable date all fees paid will be refunded to you in full

    2. If you cancel your place on a course more than seven days prior to the commencement of the course we will refund you 85% of the course fee

    3. If you want to transfer your place on a course to an alternative start date this can be arranged, provided that the transfer request is received by us more than seven days before the commencement date of the original course, subject to a transfer fee of £50 plus VAT

    4. If you cancel your place on a course within 7 days of the commencement date we will not  refund any of the course fees

    5. If you do not cancel your course but do not attend any workshops we will not refund any of the course fees

    6. If we cancel your enrolment on a course as a result of disruptive or abusive behaviour we will not refund any of the course fees

    7. Once you have commenced the course we will not refund any of the course fees should you decide to leave

  1. Extra Charges

    1. The services included in your fee are detailed over.  Additional services will be charged as follows:

      1. Any additional workshops required above the standard 10 days (cost £75 per day plus VAT if required)

      2. Examination and assignment re-sit fees if required (cost £50 per re-sit)

      3. One to one support over and above 5 hours included (cost £25 per hour)

      4. Enrolment, access and use of the e-learning materials (3 year subscription) on the student site of the College of Policing – NCALT Pre-Join Domain (if not otherwise included) £100

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